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Roadmapping Workshop in Partnership With FarWell

Shawn Belling, CIO of Madison College and advisor with FarWell. ran a sold-out workshop at Cream City Labs. He covered four common pitfalls when prioritizing your roadmap, how to make tough decisions on where to put your time and resources, and three methodologies to create a more impactful roadmap for your team.

Watch the full workshop here.

Chat with iPhoto & iMovie Creator, Glenn Reid

Sought out by Steve Jobs to create the first version of iMovie and iPhoto, Glenn Reid is now in Milwaukee launching his latest venture, Marathon Machines, which he describes as "Laundry in the Internet Age." 

In this talk on November 13, Glenn shared his strategy to validate ideas, a few stories about what it was like to work with Jobs, and how to build products that "don't suck." 


You can catch the full conversation on the Product Brew podcast


  • The Agile Wire Live Podcast With Roman Geyzer

    At FallX, the founder of MKE Product Brew Roman Geyzer sits down with The Agile Wire hosts, Jeff Bubolz and Jeff Maleski, to talk about how the LearnVest team in New York navigated the integration and transformation of the 160-year-old insurance giant Northwestern Mutual after acquisition.

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  • Building Products for Everyone 

    On a panel discussion at FallX, Northwestern Mutual's Head of Engineering Dana Hart [left] led a profound conversation on the consequences of not having diverse and inclusive teams in tech.


    Self-driving cars that are more likely to hit people of color or technologies that do not consider those with disabilities were just two examples. Panelists are from Amazon Web Services, Brilliant Hire and GE Healthcare.

    Watch the video here. 

  • Redesign Your Time With Co-Creator of the Design Sprint

    “Nobody accomplished anything great by being the first to respond to email,” says John Zeratsky, co-creator of The Design Sprint and bestselling author of “Make Time,” at a previous Milwaukee Product Brew event. 

    After developing the “design sprint" framework while at Google, John shared how he has applied the same techniques to be more productive in his everyday life; simple steps that everyone can adopt. 

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    Watch the Video.

  • Five Reasons to Join MKE Product Brew

    Not sure if Product Brew is worth your time? Its founder lays out five reasons to join the community if you're a product manager or founder that are hard to argue with. 


    They include learning from PMs across industries like fintech, media and healthcare as well as professional development opportunities to help you design better products and customer experiences. 

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